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If other websites focus on professional and veteran performers, this website is the opposite. The newcomers are the appeal of this website. Models don't need to go through a lengthy sign-up process. You only need to be of legal age to become a performer here. Another advantage is that Chaturbate is not an exclusive website. You will find women, men, transgender people, single performers, couples, and groups. There's practically no limit when it comes to diversity. The performers are from all over the world. Expect to see all races and body types. The focus is on free shows that rely on tips. The more tips, the hotter the show. You don't need to tip yourself, but don't make a habit out of freeloading. You don't even need to login to catch a show. An account provides certain benefits so consider making one, especially if you are using the website regularly. Besides free shows, there are also group and private shows. Group shows support up to five users. Private shows are for one user and the performer. The models decide the price of the free and private shows. Tokens are bought in bulk. Many members opt for the monthly subscription that comes with more chat options, 200 free monthly tokens, no ads, and private messages. The monthly subscription costs $19.99 a month.

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Conclusion: is simply one of the best websites that focus on free public cams. The models rely mostly on tips and they keep the show rolling for everyone to watch as long as the tips are coming.

Chaturbate is a long-standing live chat website that has been around since 2011. Time has done nothing but increase its popularity and now it is one of the best-known live sex platforms in the world. Over the years, the website attracted an abundance of performers of different ethnicity from many countries. The large number of models attracted a large number of visitors. Charturbate users visit the website to chat with the models and to watch their hot shows. The website also has a compelling business model that allows viewers to catch shows without paying for them. On other websites, shows of this type would normally be gated behind a paywall but Chaturbate offers you a gateway to free live sex shows.



  • Large number of performers.
  • You can catch free shows.
  • Easy to use and register.
  • Safe website.
  • Decent pricing.
  • Many payment options.



  • Outdated user interface and design.
  • Private chatting and private shows aren't free.


How to use Chaturbate


Live chat platforms like this one have an intuitive design. They cater to all users no matter how computer-savvy they are. You don't require a tutorial or special guidelines. Getting used to the interface is a matter of minutes. You will be browsing and chatting with performers in no time.


Web design


Chaturbate launched in 2011 and the web design hasn't changed much since then. One might even call it obsolete. However, it has a large number of visitors that don't seem to mind the old interface. This is probably the reason the website creators haven't paid much attention to web design updates. Chances are that the website will remain as it is for many more years to comes. The visitors keep pouring in so why fix something that's not broken?


The front page loads previews of Chaturbate cams. These previews give you a glimpse of what is going  on and they are quite enticing. With so many hot performers putting on shows, who cares about the website design anymore? All the important features are easily accessed and that's what counts. The simple user interface allows anyone to rapidly navigate the website. The sheer number of amateur performers is what attracts many visitors that want to interact with common people, not with professionals.


How to register


Chaturbate doesn't charge money to register. When you enter the website, a popup will ask you to confirm that you are at least 18 years old. The website is running a legitimate adult business. This is no place for minors. To create an account, you will need to supply a username and password. If you want email notifications, you should supply an email address. The email is not mandatory so you can just leave the field blank. You will need to give your birth date and gender. The last step is to agree to the terms and conditions. As you can see, it's a very easy process. It doesn't take more than a few minutes to become a Chaturbate registered user.




As soon as you have an account, you can start enjoying Chaturbate. You can do this in two ways: as a viewer or as a performer. As a viewer, you will be interacting with performers. Interaction refers to chatting and watching their shows. Viewers can chat in real-time using the chat system that allows texting and emoticons. You can also send direct messages and follow your favorite models. As a performer, you will share your camera and put on shows for the viewers. You will also earn tips if the audience appreciates your shows. This platform has a wide range of tools - including sex toys - to make the interaction as pleasant as possible.


About the models


Diversity is the main keyword here. On Chaturbate, you will meet performers of any gender from all over the world. Solo women, gay shows, trans couples – you name it. This is the place that guarantees to have shows to your liking. The main menu contains a number of categories. Use them to quickly discover your favorite shows. The categories are: female, male, couple, trans, and spy shows. Most of the models are amateurs that have no connection to the porn world. Some of them are veteran Chaturbate performers and they act in a professional manner. The performers are good-looking. They have pretty faces and you can tell that they take good care of their bodies. Veteran performers know how to put on hot shows that keep the audience engaged.


If you want to look up models based on their age, you can use the search filters. You have:

  • 18+ teen cams.
  • 18 to 21.
  • 20 to 30.
  • 30 to 50.
  • 50+ mature models.


You can also filter based on the location and the type of the show such as:

  • Exhibition shows.
  • HD cameras.
  • New models.


Models' Rooms


When you click on a performer's thumbnail on the main page, you open the camera page. The left side of the page shows the camera screen that shows what the performer is doing. The right side has the chat window. You can browse this chat and see the message exchange between the performer and the audience. A model's profile also shows some details. The details section is under the camera screen. This section contains:

  • Name, description, number of followers, hobbies, location, when last seen online, and available languages. The description may include the model's rules.
  • Images and videos.
  • Other similar cameras.
  • A share broadcast feature so you can send the show to your friends.

How much it costs


It doesn't cost a cent to browse the website and to register for an account. This is what attracts so many visitors. While Chaturbate offers a great deal for free, it has some premium features. The private shows are not free. Communication tools are premium content as well. The website uses tokens as internal currency. Tokens are bought with real money. If you are interested in acquiring tokens, you can do so by accessing the Get More button. You will find it on your profile page. This also means that you must be a registered user. If you are watching a model's camera, you can easily buy tokens using the Get More Tokens button. It is under the camera screen. You can also use the Send Tip button. If you don't have any tokens, this button will take you to the Purchase Tokens page. 


Tokens are sold in bundles and you get a bonus based on how many you buy: 


  • 100 tokens cost $10.99.
  • 200 tokens costs $20.99 – 5% bonus.
  • 500 tokens cost $44.99 - 22% bonus.
  • 750 tokens cost $62.99 - 31% bonus.
  • 1000 tokens cost $79.99 - 37% bonus.
  • 1255 tokens cost $99.99 - 38% bonus.
  • 2025 tokens cost $159.99 - 39% bonus.


You can choose from several payment methods:


  • Credit and debit card.
  • Bank transfer.
  • Bitcoin.
  • Money order.
  • Certified check. 


How many tokens you will spend on Chaturbate, it is up to you. Each model has its pricing rules. You should find more about this in the About Me section.




Many people are wondering if Chaturbate is safe. You should know that the website has strong policies and they treat security seriously. To begin with, there is a two-step verification for new accounts. If you want to purchase tokens and use the website's features, you need to complete this verification. You will need a verification code to log in. You can opt to receive this code by text message or voice message. This process ensures that no one but you can access your account. If you sign up as a performer, you will need to supply a copy of your ID to demonstrate that you fulfill the legal age requirement. When it comes to data security, you should know that the website implements encryption to safeguard your details.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is Chaturbate?

The definition is in the title. The name Chaturbate is a portmanteau for chat and masturbate. This is the place where you can connect with models and interact with them. You can also become a model yourself and earn money. 


Is it safe?

Yes, it is. The website implements a two-step verification process using a code via text or voice message. You will need the code to log into your account. Data encryption keeps your personal details and payment information safe from hackers, frauds, and leakages.


Is it legit?

Yes, it is. The website belongs to Multi Media LLC, a company that is registered in California. Only those who are of legal age are permitted to access the website. Chaturbate provides quality live cams services since 2011.


How much it costs?

It depends on much you are willing to spend on tokens and how fast you burn through them. The starting price is $10.99 for 100 tokens. The price per token decreases based on how many you buy as you get bonus tokens with each purchase.


Does it have free features?

Yes. Chaturbate uses a business model that allows users to catch free shows. Models charge varied prices – see more in each model's About Me section – for shows. Users pool in to pay for the shows which are public to all visitors, no matter if they are registered users or not. Private shows are not free.


Does it have a mobile app?

There is no mobile app, however, there is a mobile-friendly version for smartphones. The mobile website has all the features of the original website. Just like the desktop version, the mobile one is user-friendly and intuitive.


Are there any similar websites?

There are a number of similar live sex platforms but Chaturbate easily tops this chart. The business model and the intuitive interface make it extremely attractive.